About "Yoga With Bindu"

Welcome to our website. Our goal is to introduce students to the practice of yoga through gentle postures, flowing sequences, breathing, and meditative practices in a safe and supportive space. For us, yoga is about more than just exercise (though it’s great for our health)—it’s about helping each and every one of us get in touch with their inner strength and motivation. 

Meet Our Expert Instructor

You’re in good hands with our  highly-experienced instructor. 

Bindu has  been practicing yoga from her childhood and has been teaching her family and friends for years. She has taught at Soulstice Yoga in Westborough and currently has ongoing sold out Yoga sessions at the Shrewsbury Public Library that have been running for over a year.
She also teaches on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and  Wednesdays at Metrowest Martial Arts Center in Westborough.

Bindu Gupta


See what our Students think about us:

Resmi Nair*****
Yoga with Bindu is a great place to practice yoga. She is an excellent yoga instructor. She has a calm, soothing and cheerful attitude which makes the class fun for everyone be it a beginner or advanced level person. The atmosphere at the studio is full of positive vibration and at the end of the class you completely feel relaxed and energized. I would highly recommend this place.

Kathy McKenzie*****

          I took my first yoga class with Bindu at the Shrewsbury Public Library in October of 2017.  She made me feel very comfortable and at ease while trying something new.  I have truly enjoyed attending yoga classes since then and still continue now. Bindu is a great teacher.  After participating in the breathing exercises and gentle stretches and poses, I go home feeling relaxed and energized. I would highly recommend her classes to all, no matter what your age and experience level is. 

Priya Rathnam *****

       After a session with Bindu, you will leave the yoga studio feeling calm and relaxed! Bindu will guide you gently and expertly through deep breathing exercises and help you de-stress! I highly recommend Bindu’s yoga classes. 

Gillian Townsend *****

          Bindu is extremely knowledgeable about the practice of Yoga Pranayaam and gives a very clear and thorough explanation of each breathing technique. As well as demonstrating each exercise, she describes how and why each technique helps our body. Her classes are relaxing and enjoyable and always very informative. It is evident that Bindu truly believes in the positive benefits of Pranayaam breathing and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. For this reason, I can highly recommend Yoga with Bindu!

Krishnakutty Nair*****

        Me and my wife both attended Yoga classes with Bindu. It was a very good experience and we learned Yoga and enjoyed it too. Now we are in India and are missing the yoga classes. 

 Manpreet Soin *****

           Bindu is very friendly but is also both professional and knowledgeable. I really enjoy coming to her yoga sessions. Her classes consist of about 60 minutes of primarily Pranayaama, it also includes some warm up, some standing and seated poses, and relaxation. There is plenty of variety not so much that poses become unfamiliar. Bindu maintains a non-competitive, relaxing and nurturing atmosphere. I feel not only I am more flexible physically but also more relaxed. I have been coming to her Yoga Sessions regularly for a few months now, and I love the relaxed atmosphere. I enjoy her style, yoga is most definitely an important part of my life now and I look forward to learning more every time I come...She is a great teacher and very patient for novices like us. If you are thinking of taking up yoga, come along - you will not be disappointed.  

Srividya Ramachandran *****

           Loved it! Bindu has a way of making you feel relaxed and less anxious of what's to come. She explains every detail of each pose, and allows you to do each pose in your time. Never rushed. Overall a very relaxing experience to feel one with yourself.  


Triveni Bhat *****

      The Pranayaam class I took at "Yoga with Bindu " was very relaxing and informative . Bindu, the yoga instructor is very helpful and encouraging in learning the art of proper breathing technique. The studio is clean and inviting. Pranayaam definitely helps me in reducing stress and anxiety. I would recommend this Pranayaam Yoga to people of all skill levels. 

Shaila Verma *****

           I absolutely love this place. I have been attending Yoga with Bindu for almost 2 years now and it has changed my life. From the time I enter the class, I can feel a sense of relaxation and peace within. The breathing exercises like kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom have been so helpful with opening any congestions or allergies. The Sun salutations (Surya Namaskar)and gentle stretches for the body helps open the chest and upper body followed by hip openers and lower body stretches . Bindu's depth of knowledge in the spirituality of yoga is profound , the instructions are very detailed and she does an awesome job of weaving intentions into our practice and setting realistic goals. I would highly recommend this class to everyone and for all skill levels. 

Abhi Gupta *****  

           I've been practicing yoga with Bindu for some time and have enjoyed every class I've taken! Lessons are very easy to follow and are great for people of all skill levels. I highly recommend!

Kalyani Kanuri *****

                         I had the pleasure of taking yoga with Bindu Gupta. It was pranayama yoga with a lot of focus on deepening your breathing. I highly recommend Bindu’s yoga for anyone who wants to learn about the various breathing exercises such as “kapal bhati” and “alternate nostril breathing”.